• Q: How do I start a production project?


    To start your project, please send us design drawings including materials, quantity, width, thickness and other requirements. You will then receive our offer within 12 hours.

  • Q: How long is the production cycle of a project?


    From the day of your project confirmation, our general production cycle is 15-20 days, except for the larger order quantity, you need to confirm again.

  • Q: How to ensure the quality of a project?


    We will control the quality from the raw materials. Before production, during production and production completion, we will monitor and spot check in real time. Before shipment, we will carry out full inspection to ensure that high-quality products reach your hands.

  • Q: What can be done with a project?


    We can do according to your requirements: anti-mildew, anti-pollution, shrinking treatment, waterproof, flame retardant, anti-infrared, de-matting and other treatments.

  • Q: We are not familiar with international transportation. Will you handle all logistics matters?


    Yes. Years of experience and long-term cooperation with freight forwarders will fully support us. You can only inform us of the delivery date. Other questions are left to us.”